Virginia D

January 27, 2021

Tony is the only person I would ever call for welding, without contest. His work is top notch quality, perfectly stacked dime welds. He tackles problems that no one else would, and if he says he can or will do something he does.
The tongue sheared off of our aluminum trailer on the highway in Denver and we had it towed to a parking lot. We thought we were completely screwed because it was a Sunday, and we couldn’t get it to a shop. But we sent some pictures of the situation to Tony and he not only came up with an idea to brace from the inside and outside of the frame, but was willing to come repair it on location in a parking lot.
I don’t know much about welding, but I do know tig is one of the most difficult to master even under the most ideal conditions, and that certainly isn’t outside in a windy parking lot. Tony however was able to do beautiful welds all the way around the frame, even upside down to get the bottom.
The trailer has remained rock solid through some crazy roads all the way to Baton Rouge Louisiana from Denver Colorado with his repairs and I will go to him for any and all welds in the future.

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