Mobile Trailer Welding Repair

Bowtie Tony’s Welding provides residential, commercial, and industrial customers with professional welding for structural strength, stability and functionality throughout the Denver Metro and Northern Front Range, Colorado region. In addition to ensuring high quality services, we are completely licensed, insured, and ASME certified and practice all necessary safety precautions and procedures. To maximize the result, Bowtie Tony’s Welding we use the best maintained equipment our expertise and experience in the industry.

Trailer Frame & Axle Repair

Bowtie Tony’s Welding is your leading expert to repair trailers, whether you are looking for structural, trailer hitch, trailer axle, as well as trailer accessory repairs. We handle steel or aluminum trailers, and repair cracks, breaks, or simply cut out entire bad or rotten sections and weld new material in its place on trailer frames, tongues and more. Our mobile welders can also install new trailer hitches, trailer wenches, trailer spare tire mounts, and replacement trailer wheel jacks. Being important to the safety and function of your trailer, the overall structure of your trailer including the frame is a major component. If this ever becomes bent, broken, or otherwise damaged it can fail and seriously injure you, or other people. With Bowtie Tony’s Welding, we can get the structure repaired easily.

Trailer Hitch Welding

Bowtie Tony’s Welding trailer hitch repair is available since the hitch is responsible for all of the heavy lifting when it comes to towing your trailer and managing the load. If you notice the hitch is rusted, damaged, or has corrosion, you can trust it will be repaired with Bowtie Tony’s Welding expertise.

Custom Mobile Trailer Welding

In addition to the above, Bowtie Tony’s Welding can also fabricate side panels for your open trailers for extra hauling capabilities as well as fabricate and install custom ramps for your ATV or open end trailers. We can also build canopies on your trailer frames so you can add tarps to protect any products you may keep stationary on your trailer during hot summer days.

Mobile Trailer Welding Repair in Platteville, Brighton, Longmont, Denver, Metro & Northern Front Range Colorado Region

Trailer axles and trailer accessories are susceptible to damage as any other element to your trailer. If it becomes damaged, it can severely limit the speed you can drive and the stability of your trailer. Your customizable options such as trailer wenches, trailer wheel jacks or trailer spare tire mounts can also benefit from Bowtie Tony’s Welding in the Denver Metro and Northern Front Range, Colorado region.

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