Meaning of Steel Fabrication in Denver, CO; Primary & Secondary Steel Making, Metals & Techniques Used

Steel fabrication is a highly valued service as many businesses and residential properties use steel parts and products. Steel is used for structures, trailers, piping and more. When steel breaks, cracks or begins to fail, the steel will need to be replaced. This is where steel fabrication is needed. Bowtie Tony’s Welding will break down what steel fabrication is and how it is done.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is a process that takes steel and other raw materials and creates a final product. Most steel fabrications create a standalone product or another component to a larger assembly. Steel fabrications require the use of metals and alloys which are melted and fused together. Steel fabrications is not a simple task as it requires a skilled technician to undergo special schooling and training. With steel fabrication there is little room for errors, especially when the safety and wellbeing of others rely on the final product.

Primary & Secondary Steel Making

With steel fabrication there are two types or levels of manufacturing. They are:
• Primary Manufacturing – This is in regard to the creation of a semi-finished product. Primary manufacturing often includes sheets, tubes, plates and bars that come together to make a product. The process used in semi-finished products will involve forging, casting, sintering, and rolling. Primary manufacturing needs to be done in a shop and or a factory.
• Secondary Manufacturing – Secondary manufacturing is another type of fabrication. It is fairly similar to primary manufacturing but secondary manufacturing mostly involves the bending, cutting, and welding of any given product. Secondary manufacturing can be done on site, or in a shop or in a factory.

Main Steel Fabrication Techniques

There are different types of steel fabrication and each fabrication uses a different process to create the different products. Some of the different types of steel fabrication are:
• Welding – Welding is when two or more pieces of metal and other alloys are joined together. Welding is done with extreme heat, which melts the metals and alloys together. When this is done properly, the weld will create an airtight seal and extremely strong connections.
• Machining – Machining uses specialized equipment that shaves and cut pieces of metal to create a specific shape. Machining can involve drilling, boring, milling, turning and cutting.

Which Metal is Used in Fabrication?

During steel fabrication there are different types of metal and alloys that can be used. Each metal or alloy is different on how they are worked. Some of the metals and alloys can be carbon steel which is used for automotive parts, high tension wires and knives. Alloy steel is the combination of copper, nickel, and aluminum which is used for pipelines, ship’s hulls, and some automotive parts. Another common steel used is tool steel which is very strong and is a heat resistant metal. Some of the common types of tool steel are cobalt, tungsten, and molybdenum.

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Steel fabrication is used to create and repair a number of products. Steel fabrication is used in many different ways from building ships, automobiles, and more. For quality steel fabrication and other welding services, contact Bowtie Tony’s Welding today.

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